Improve your impact & CSR

Classic card games with a twist
Spice up workshops, leave in rest areas or create meaningful corporate giveaways

Our DIVERSITY DECK® collection card games enable you to deliver your sustainability goals, support your training programmes, as well as bringing benefits to your employees and customers.

The DIVERSITY DECK® collection uses classic card games to connect people and support varying levels of learning and awareness around sustainability subjects.

  • Improve your outreach opportunities to enhance your impact in your local community and empower your organisation.
  • Improve your employee's sustainability knowledge at a corporate and personal level by adopting sustainable mindsets.
  • Send out gifts to your employees or clients to promote and market your company.

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DIVERSITY DECK® collection

Benefits to your employees and customers

Embed sustainability for a true transformation

  • Reinforce your knowledge

    DIVERSITY DECK® are powerful tools to reinforce key sustainability concepts. The beautiful, engaging illustrations will provide bitesize and clever reminders of the importance of climate and sustainability pledges.

  • Extend your impact

    Easy to share, DIVERSITY DECK® will allow you to reach employees and customers as well as their whole families, raising awareness about 21st century challenges and the importance of a sustainable transition.

  • Fun to play!

    Explore different sustainability topics with each DIVERSITY DECK® whilst having fun with your friends and family. Play classic games with a twist to empower everyone to be a force of change.